Ballistix Masters – Group Stages come to an end

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We are approaching the final week of the Ballistix Masters 2017, with only the top 2 teams per group making it through to the next stage, there is still so much to play for.
Most of our groups seem to have the top 2 teams way ahead on points, but in some groups these top 2 positions are quite closely contested with some “crucial” matches coming up this week.

Lets have a closer look at the groups, showing the top 2 per group and also pointing out some of the major matches to look out for this week.

Battlefield 4

As we all know, Battlefield is a major part of the Ballistix Masters (Previously known as Crucial Cup). The Battlefield community has always shown great support towards the cup, this year we are breaking all viewership records with our live streams, and the support is better than ever!
Taking a closer look at the groups…

PuLse Evolve and ALG-Vanguard are the clear leaders in this group, both these teams will go through to the next round. They will be facing off on Thursday night at 8:30pm. The victor of this match will have the number 1 seed and have a bigger advantage going into the next round.

Group 2:
ALG-Legions and SvG-iNFamous are both on top and will also make it through to the next round of the competition, with these two teams also facing off on Thursday night, this will be one of the closer matches to keen an eye on. We will be posting stream details within the week, keep a lookout on the Ballistix Masters page.

Group 3:
PEW-Battlefield and DDC-inferno are both clear front runners in this group as well, this is a “community favourite” match of the week. The majority of the community have voted to see this match streamed as it is believed to be the two teams who are closely contested in skill and strategy.

Group 4:
This group’s matches have been concluded, with PuLse-eLevate beating xB-Eclipse in their final group match in a convincing 2-0 victory. PuLse having the preferred number 1 seed and xB going through in the number 2 seed in group 4.


Dota 2

Another favourite within the Ballistix Masters, Dota has shown our tournament undying support and this year is no different. There are some insanely close groups in this title.

Group 1:
eXdee Gaming clearly superior being unbeaten in their group and placing in the number 1 seed, where it gets interesting, is the number 2 seed in this group. Both Mythic Gaming and Aperture Gaming are drawn on points, both stand a chance to make it through to the next round, and both teams are set to face each other this week. The winner of this important match will make it through to the next round, the loser will drop out.

Group 2:
All matches in this group have come to an end with a three-way tie, Bravado Gaming and Fenner have the higher win percentage and this puts them through to the next round.

Group 3:
The two favorites in this group seems to be Energy E-sports and White Rabbit Gaming. With 3 matches still left to be played this week, this group might still see an potential upset, keep an eye on the Ballistix Masters page for upcoming stream links and results!

Group 4:
xTc Gaming and Flipsid3 Tactics will both make it through to the next round, both teams are drawn on points and of course, both teams will be facing one another this week with the winner receiving the number 1 seed.

With Dota having 2 major clashes taking place this week for prime position, APG vs Mythic Gaming and xTc vs Flipsid3, both these matches should be really intense and we will try and have both matches streamed for your viewing pleasure.

Thank you to everyone for making another successful tournament possible!