only 4 teams remain per title, everything to play for as the Ballistix Masters approaches the FINALS

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The past two months has seen a ton of matches take place, some upsets caused and of course, big teams making their way to the top once again.
This year, the top 4 does look a bit different in both our titles and with the “Loser Bracket Semi Finals” kicking off tonight, we will see which of these teams can perform under pressure!

All eyes on Battlefield, as this title has once again broken our viewership barriers with our past records for viewership being beaten! Tonight will be no different where the highly anticipated match between 2 “underdog” teams will take place. ALG Vanguard and PuLse Elevate. Both of these teams have played some impressive matches. Both of these teams managed to beat a tournament favorite, PEW Battlefield. Both of these teams were seen as underdogs but have shown what incredible form they are in! Tonight will decide which of these two teams will make it through to the “Loser Bracket Final”. Where they will face SvG iNFamous in the Loser bracket final. And of course, the winner of that match will then go on to face PuLse Evolve who have already made it to the Grand Final.

Let’s take a closer look at these two teams competing tonight, look at the line ups, and have me add my personal opinion “Slang” to the pros and cons of each player and the role I believe each of these players will have in tonights match. Trust me, this will be a tight game so DON’t miss this!

ALG Vanguard

Tte_Cadaver – More aggressive, famous for his “zou zou” and Ritalin fed rabbit like movements in game, making him really hard to shoot, very accurate shooter and plays right in front, Chances are he will be clashing with Fox and Elfie often in this game as they tend to play a similar lane in the game. EZ 30 bombs for Kyle EZ life EZ game

Tte_Nutt-sakk – Similar to Cadaver in aim, different in movement. This player has been the talk of the town lately for being a seriously good player with crazy reflexes. Also quite aggressive, Nuttsakk will join Cadaver in the middle most likely, being an aggressive player himself.

Tte_Giddyup – More defensive and laid back in playing style, I think the team relies on this player for the second line and even to hold spawn at times. Not very aggressive, but very hard to find if you are looking to wipe his squad.

Tte_RavenRM – This player flanks so much and plays so randomly with his movements that he can tilt a team really hard if they fail to pick him up early in the game. His flanks have proven to open up pushes and plants on previous streams. Pretty good shot and plays a calm and more sneaky role, can really cause some hurt.

Tte_Xectr – The captain, the rock, the more consistent player, Xectr will always be consistent in their matches and will lead his team by example. I think he has played a massive role in recent results and is heading the team in the right direction.


puLse-Joben – The beard that makes magical aim happen, some say that if you shave his beard he loses his ability to play…. The captain and the mind behind this team is Joben, someone more aggressive than most which seems to compliment this Pulse team and their aggressive play style.

puLse-eLf1e – Meme Machine, general nice guy, someone who plays the game so fast that sometimes he loads the next map while the first map is still being played. Elfie has been playing for a long time and has quite a bit of experience under his belt, a really good shot and a really good thinker in game. Elfiee will most likely meet with Cadaver and Nuttsakk in tonights match.

puLse-r0flc0pter – More calm, more defensive. Someone to balance out this team that runs on diesel and aggression. He is much needed to supply the team with a calmer mind and a backup plan and a safe area to play in. He usually plays a more supportive role and does it very well.

puLse-Fox – One of my favorite players at the moment, someone I think will be one of the big names in this game in the future. Raw talent and very young. This will be someone to keep your eye on tonight as this player is very accurate and very smart. He will be with Ellfie and will probably face off against Cadaver and Nuttsakk often. This engagement will be really interesting to see.

puLse-I-no-goud – This player is No Goud…..


Good luck to both these teams tonight! It will be streamed on our main channel. The match officially starts at 8:30