The Ballistix Masters becomes a league with massive prizes

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The teaser image “It’s coming…” has been posted on social media leading most people asking WHEN, HOW and WHERE?
Yes, you gathered it from our lovely title and bad meme! The Ballistix Masters has evolved into a full on league that will last for 6 Months in total, partnered with a potential LAN championship for our two main titles and a bigger prize pool!


WHEN? (Battlefield and Dota)

The Ballistix Masters will open registrations on 1 December 2017 and will close registrations on 24 January 2018.
Leg 1 of the league will kick off on 1 February 2018, everyone will be in an “open division” and start with an equal seeding.┬áThe first leg will come to an end on 1 April 2018, where the top 12 teams will be promoted to FIRST DIVISION and all remaining teams will occupy the open division.
We will also be opening a second REGISTRATION PERIOD on 1 April, if any new or additional teams wish to enter the open division.

CS:GO will compete in an online tournament for 2 months. CS registrations open on 1 December 2017 and close on 24 January 2018.
The online tournament will kick off on 1 February 2018.

HOW? (Battlefield and Dota)

The league will consist of 2 legs, and a play offs stage. At the end of leg 2, the top 8 teams in the FIRST Division will qualify for the championships by default.
PLAY OFFS – The top 8 teams in the open division will face the bottom 4 teams from first division. Making up 12 teams competing in the Championships play offs in a double elimination bracket. The two teams from the play offs will qualify for the Championships as well.

CS:GO will consist of a round robin group stage leading into a double elimination (8 team) online bracket.

WHERE? (Battlefield and Dota)

POSSIBLE LAN – We are looking to partner with an existing LAN tournament in GP and will have confirmation on the possible LAN championships ASAP. The Championships will however take place in July 2018

The prize pool for each title will be announced before registrations open in December.

Get pumped, be ready, this is going to be one epic event! We hope to see a record number of teams register for this.

A massive thank you to our amazing partners
Crucial – Ballistix – Redragon – Antec – Syntech