Ballistix Masters approaching 100 registered teams

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18 January 2018

New year, new me, right? We have definitely changed, grown and improved in all aspects!
Not only is 2018 the year where we have the biggest Cash Prize pool for BM (Ballistix Masters) to date, but we will have our first LAN championships in collaboration with LanX and we are breaking all our previous record with the amount of teams registered!

With a total of 93 teams across 3 platforms registered so far, will we see it reach the 100 mark before registrations close on 24 Jan?

A few points to take note of

  • 93 teams have registered
  • We host 3 titles, Battlefield, Dota and CSGO
  • 651 individual players have registered to compete
  • Registrations close 24 January
  • Teams that have registered already are allowed to make lineup changes until 24 Jan
  • CSGO will be completed by 1 April
  • Leg 2 of the league for Dota2 and Battlefield 4 will open for registrations and allow a transfer window on 1 April
  • The LAN championship for Dota and Battlefield will be in Pretoria and the exact date and venue will be confirmed later.

    Please also be sure to look check out the rules for each title as it has had minor changes.