Emergency Transfer Window

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The Ballistix Masters have kicked off and has been going for nearly a month now. We have been approached by numerous teams requesting a transfer period in this first month of the tournament.

Initially the thought process was to keep the teams and rosters locked for the entire first leg (until 1 April) but we noticed that there were a lot of newer teams, needing to have changes made quite urgently to enable them to continue playing.

We have therefore decided to open up a transfer window to all titles and teams, starting Monday 19 February and closing on Wednesday 21 February at 8am SHARP. Any requests or messages sent after this time will be ignored.

Please be sure to share this information with your teams, their captains and who ever you think could use this information.

To change your line up we need the following information either emailed to us (support@ballistixmasters.co.za) or sent to us via private message on our facebook page.

Please do it in the following format.
Your team name:
The title you are competing in:
Player name to ADD:
Player Steam / Origin ID to ADD:
Player to REMOVE:

Lastly, we will not be sending out anymore warning messages to teams to arrange their matches using the lobby or on time. If you still fail to use the lobby system, or arrange matches on time, you will forfeit your match and the result will not be overturned.

Thank you to the majority of the teams who are playing their matches on time and doing it all flawlessly!