CS:GO group stages approaching its end

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We added CS:GO as a new title and with over 50 teams registering it has been quite interesting following all of the action. There has been a few forfeits, a few teams not arranging their matches on time and a teething stage of note. But all and all it has been awesome!
we have decided to take the top 3 teams from each group into the next double elimination stage.

The top 24 teams will go through into a double elimination stage that starts on 1 March where these 24 teams will be competing to make it to the final 3 and win their share of the R30 000 prize pool.

Looking at the current top 3 in each of the groups and important group matches taking place.

1 Aperture Gaming
2 Exdee Gaming
3 Mutiny
1 Berzerk Gaming
2 White Rabbit Gaming – CS:GO
3 Omnius-Gaming Somnium
1 OK – Blaze
2 xtc.Reborn
3 IFX Chaos
2 NiBBLe Academy iDENTiTY
3 Pulse Gaming
1 Sentry Gaming
3 Veneration Esports
1 Goliath Gaming
2 Vision
3 Valentrix E-Sports
1 Online Kingdom
2 Big 5 Esports
3 Armor Legion Gaming
1 Leet Pro
2 Sinister5 CS:GO
3 Pixel Hunters
 Important Matches and dates
Group 1 :APG vs Munity are both on 18 points and will play for the number 1 seed
SUNDAY 25 Feb 8pm

Group 2 :LeetPro.fe vs Omius – the winner of this match will get the number 3 spot
DATE TBA (Deadline is Tuesday 27 Feb)

Group 3 :Top 3 remains as is

Group 4: Top 3 remains as is

Group 5: Top 3 remains as is

Group 6: Top 3 remains as is

Group 7: Team Innovate vs Armor Legion Gaming. Both teams are drawn for third place, and the two face each other this week, the winner will qualify for the next round, the loser will drop out.
Tuesday 27 Feb 7pm

Group 8: Top 3 remains as is


You can catch these matches by following our official casters and facebook page.

We would like to thank all the teams for taking part and wish all the other teams luck in their next round of the tournament! GLHF