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The Ballistix Masters (BM) kicked off with a bang this year announcing it’s first LAN in partnership with LANX and its first ever CSGO tournament.

We have had over 150 teams and 1000+ players register for the tournament and it is now coming to an end for the first leg.



With the CS:GO Grand Final being played on 1 April we see the elimination bracket approaching its final legs and only a few teams remain.

The winner bracket РMatches to look out for 

The loser Bracket stands as follows



Dota 2 leg 1 is almost over, the last set of matches take place on 29 March, but the groups have started forming clear leaders already. With only the top 3 teams from each group going into the “Prem” division for leg two, the other teams remaining in the “First” division. Leg two will decide which teams make it to the LAN tournament. The top 6 teams at the end of LEG 2 in prem qualify for the LAN by default, the bottom 6 in prem will face the top 4 in First division in a play LAN play offs. where the top 4 teams from the play offs will fill the last 4 LAN championship slots.



Battlefield and Dota have a similar structure, with LEG one coming to an end on 29 March. The top 5 teams from each of the two groups will go to “prem” division, all remaining and new teams will stay and enter into “first” division.
After LEG 2, the top 6 teams in prem will qualify for the LAN by default, the bottom 4 teams will face the top 6 teams from open division in a LAN play offs, where the top 4 teams from this play offs will make up the rest of the LAN Championships roster.



We will open registrations to ALL teams (new and existing teams will all need to register again for leg 2, because of line up changes / team name changes)
Registrations open 29 March and close on 3 April

After you register your team, you will be seeded according to your result from LEG 1. All teams who qualify for Prem will be placed in the Premier Division, all teams who did not qualify for Prem and all new teams who have registered, will be entered into the First division.

Please remember even if you register a brand new team, thanks to the play offs system, you will stand a chance to qualify for the LAN championships. Share the registration information with your team mates and remember – YOU HAVE TO REGISTER FOR LEG 2 EVEN IF YOU ARE CURRENTLY COMPETING IN LEG 1

LEG 2 officially starts 5 April

The LAN Championships will take place 12-15 July (We suggest you take Thursday 12 July and Friday 13 July off from work)

Venue: LANX –¬†Jonibach hall Pretoria North


We would like to thank all the teams for taking part and making this a really good tournament. Also a massive thank you to our partners – Crucial, Ballistix, Antec, Redragon and Syntech, without you this would not have been possible.