LAN Championships confirmed

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The wait is over! We can officially confirm our LAN Championships (in partnership with LANX) will take place 12 – 15 July at Jonibach sports centre in Pretoria North

The LAN will be run by LANX and Ballistix Masters will have an admit present for each title. We will also try have a stand with some give aways and awesome hardware and gear for sale.

If you are unsure on how to qualify for the LAN championships, please scroll to the bottom of this article, we will add some more information on how to qualify.
To the teams competing at the finals, we recommend that you take the Thursday and Friday off from work.


Please remember that registrations open 29 March and that all teams new and current will have to register again, this way we can ensure all active teams remain, and you can of course make all the necessary changes to your own line up before registering your team for LEG 2. The registrations will close on 3 April so it is a short window for you to organize your line up and register on time.