Aperture Gaming vs Exdee Gaming

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Official press release regarding the dispute between Aperture Gaming and Exdee Gaming.

The match between APG and Exdee took place on Monday 19 March. The original result being 2-1 towards Exdee. We then received a ticket regarding this match linking to a potential offense that could be “seen as pixel walking” and it was something we could not ignore.

As most of the people know, those of you who have been competing in Ballistix Masters over the years, we try and be as fair and neutral as possible and will not make any sort of decision or take any sort of action unless we are provided with sufficient/convincing proof.

The video footage provided to us was shown to our current committee members and other competitive CS players. Along with the feedback on reviewing the footage, the decision was made to overturn the result of the map where this took place, being Cobblestone.

We always like to hear from all teams and review all arguments and Exdee gaming has made a solid case within their dispute of the decision.

Please remember that Ballistix Masters is a competition hosted for cash prizes, so any and all results are serious and could affect the outcome of a teams potential winnings. With this in mind and trying to be as fair as possible, we have reviewed both sides of the story. Looked at all the evidence, footage, images and references given to us by both teams and have come to the conclusion that the map in question will have to be replayed by both these teams.

Cobblestone will be replayed by these two teams, the rest of the result will remain as is. APG 1 and Exdee 1. Meaning who ever wins Cobblestone in the rematch, will win the match.

  • The intentional use of any bugs, glitches or errors in the game is strictly forbidden.
  • It is up to the admins discretion whether or not the use of said bugs, glitches or errors had an effect on the match, and whether or not the admin will reward/deduct rounds, or to force a rematch.

With this special case and the term pixel walking being used. It can be seen as pixel walking or just a simple boost onto a narrow ledge, depending who you talk to or which website you visit…. With this being such a grey area and with the amount of controversy that this specific area has caused. This boost will NOT be allowed to be used in other Ballistix Masters Matches, to avoid any confusion. The map will be replayed due to this as neither side of the argument is convincing enough to enforce a win or a forfeit. The map replay is the fairest way to ensure the winner of the match without any further complications.

The reason for having the map replayed now instead of sticking to the forfeit of the map, is even though the proof seemed to be solid at the time, Exdee’s argument and information that they provided us, has caused enough doubt towards the penalty handed out with regard to the provided footage. Not only was there no kill in the footage, but Exdee also lost the round in question. This being a new spot on the map, and with the Demo showing the player as floating, does not mean the player was standing on an invisible item or ledge. We have been given close up pictures of the area and there is a ledge that enables the player to stand there, even though it appears to be hovering, the player is actually standing on that ledge. Exdee has provided us with many other instances where similar visual cases take place, where a player would appear to be hovering. (shown below) and these cases are not seen as illegal.

With this being a special case, as this is a new spot that no other players have used, it was easy to jump to the conclusion that it was in fact pixel walking. But after all the evidence has been reviewed and all arguments heard, there was enough shown by both teams to create doubt in the decision and have the map replayed. With this spot seen as a grey area, replaying the map is the fairest solution.

The deadlines for all the following matches have been moved up by 2 days, the grand final date has also been moved to 3 April (Tuesday) to enable the remaining teams to adjust and give them time to arrange their matches.
I (Stephen de witt) head admin of Ballistix Masters, would like to apologize to Online Kingdom, Goliath Gaming, Exdee, Aperture, Leetpro and Big5 Gaming for adjusting the schedule and prolonging it by 2 days. This is the most fair way to proceed and ensure that no teams are treated wrongly.