Leg 1 approaching its end

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Matches have been played, battles won and battles lost. We have had drama, action and a ton of games played, actually, over the 3 titles we have had a total of 623 matches have been played!


Starting off with CS:GO, we are left with 4 teams battling it out to make the grand final, Exdee Gaming, Goliath Gaming, Aperture Gaming and Big5 E-sports are the teams competing against each other to win the cash prizes.

Both the winner Bracket final between Exdee and Goliath, and the loser bracket semi final between APG and Big5 will take place on Thursday (29 March) at 8pm.
The winner between Exdee and Goliath will go through to the Grand Final, and the loser of this match will face whom ever wins between APG and Big5 in a loser Bracket Final.

The loser Bracket Final will take place on 1 April, and the Grand Final is set to take place on 3 April. Follow our main caster ISO_Wolf for casting details. Thank you to all the CS teams that competed in our cup and good luck to the remaining 4 teams!

Dota and Battlefield – LAN TITLES 

With both Dota and Battlefield having leg 1 end off 29 March and with only one match left to play, the groups are pretty clear in most cases with seeding being important in LEG 2. (Remember that you need to register your team AGAIN for leg 2 please. If you do not register for leg 2 by the time registrations close, you will lose your chance to qualify for the LAN)

Dota 2

Dota will have  12 teams in  “Prem division”, meaning that the top 3 teams from each group, will make it to the top division. The teams who did not make top 3 will remain in first division and all newly registered teams will enter the first division as well.

Looking at the current group standing and important matches taking place:

Only group 1 seems to have a draw on points between WRG and NiBBLE, but WRG still has two games to play, meaning they will break that draw in points regardless of them winning or losing.

Teams that will qualify for Prem Seeding.

Goliath Gaming
White Rabbit Gaming newb
Epoch Esports
eXdee Gaming
Tango for Mid
APG Vets
Sinister5 Dota2
Alpha Star Gaming – DOTA 2
Band of Brothers
F5 Gaming

All remaining and new teams will enter the first division and play to qualify for the LAN play offs.


Battlefield 4

Battlefield will see 10 teams go into the prem division

Teams qualifying for the Prem seeding:

FiB – Terra
eLement – Battlefield
eternal Synthesis
BmW M518
Pulse – Eclectic
OvF Anarchy
DDC Dissolution / F5 ALT F4 (who ever wins the match between these two on Sunday gets the 5th place seeding)


A reminder once again, you have to register your team for LEG 2 before the registrations close.