We are nearing the championships!

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With only a few matches left to be played and the Championships approaching, we take a look at the current team standings and how to qualify for the LAN.

Looking at the two LAN titles and standings.


The clear leaders to date are Pulse, F5 and the two eLement teams whom are way ahead on points and should be in the clear by now to qualify for the LAN by default.
DDC, ES and FiB are the three teams battling it out to take up the other two spots to qualify by default. These three teams are all on equal standing and are set to play each other in the next few weeks. Keep an eye on our facebook page, we will be sure to cover these important matches.


XvG, Exdee and Golliath Gaming currently lead the pack and should also be ahead by enough points to secure their spot at the championships. The other three spots are being contested by Epoc, Sin5, WRG, Leetpro and APG.
The other two divisions are really interesting to look at, with Leetpro Seniors leading Div two and 4 other teams being matched on points. Very closely contested! Division 3 is not much different with Bibble.NTD leading the pack, but closely followed by Spartan, Imba Seals and Severe Dota.


Remember that only the top 6 teams in Division 1 qualify for the LAN by default and a lot can still change, depending on the results of the last few matches.

The teams that qualify for the play offs will really need to battle hard to make up the last 4 spots of the 10 LAN teams being invited to attend the championships. Good luck to all the teams and we look forward to seeing these important final matches taking place.