Attending your first LAN

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Is your team attending it’s first LAN event? This article is to assist the newer teams with an informal checklist and some pointers.

Hardware and gear
Documentation and permission
Leave applied for and approved by your boss

Remember that you are not only booking a flight, if you are traveling with a PC, you will need to book additional luggage beforehand. This saves you money and also avoids any complication. With the years of traveling to and from LAN events, I (Stephen) have found that Kalula is the best airline to go with, and Lanseria is the best Airport to go to. Reason being is, some other airlines like Mango or SAA sometimes will not allow you to take your PC as fragile check in luggage, and it is too large and heavy for carry on. So you are left stranded.  Here is what you do.
Book with Kalula or Flysafair.
Purchase additional luggage for your case to be checked in
Make sure your case weighs less than 22kg
Check your case in as fragile and take your screen as carry on
Packing your case – Remove your graphics card, RAM and SSD/HHD and pack this into your hand luggage bag for safe keeping.
Fill your case with anti static bags. your case should now only be carrying your motherboard and power supply with the rest of the case being a massive cavity. fill this with anti static (I use a few blankets, which is frowned upon and ill advised, but I use it without a problem)
Wrap and box your bag safely, remember that other people will be handling this box, it might get knocked, it might fall over during handling. So make sure it is securely packed.
Your screen will be accepted as carry on luggage, the flight attendant will take it from you at the boarding bridge, they will keep it at the front of the plane and return it to you once you disembark. OR Tambo is sometimes a little fussy when it comes to taking your screen as on board luggage, lanseria however is a lot more lenient.

Every team wants to look awesome and have their logos and potential sponsors shown off. The LAN is what its all about, with pictures and videos being taken, you want to look the part.
I recommend you use one of the following.
Sublimated FX (used by most teams) or Subhouse

The LANX venue has a hostel/holiday flat apartment block across the road from the LAN venue, alternatively you can look on “” and search Pretoria north for guest houses. Some teams are lucky enough to have a team member live in the area and everyone can sleep his/her place.

Hardware and documentation
You need to bring all your own gear and hardware, nothing is supplied by the LAN, also make sure you fill in the waiver forms and bring a copy of your ID to the event. Most important thing is, remember to have fun, these events are what we gamers play for!

I hope this helps some of you 🙂