Meet the LAN team

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The LAN championships is upon us and we thought why not take this opportunity to introduce the LAN team!

Introducing the head administrator

Renier “Sabrefox” van Rooyen

Most competitive players will know Sabrefox pretty well, from his crazy LAN plays to his live streams and reviews. If there is one person that will not take any nonsense from anyone, be fair to every letter of the rules and carries a vast knowledge of both our championship titles, this is the first person we thought of. We are happy to introduce Sabrefox as our head admin for the championships.  Below is a Q&A with him.

How long have you been involved with competitive gaming?
I’ve been part of competitive gaming for about 10+ years and fully giving my attention to it after matric in 2012.

What clans have you played for?
I have played for to many clans to name but some of the big names would be Rebels from Hell, xTc eSports, PewPew Gaming, Energy eSports, Southern Barbarians and now Bitmart Gaming.

What titles have you competed in?
I have played in 4 titles competitively Battlefield, Dota 2, Call of Duty and Counter-Strike and casted Overwatch games.

How long have you played Battlefield for?
Battlefield has always been my all time favourite game as I have about 6 years in the Top competitive scene where my highest achievements is making the Southern Barbarians team where we took the ESL 8v8 finals and recently gotten 2 podium placements for LANX and VS Gaming.

How long have you played Dota for?
Dota was my go to relaxing game when I wanted to blow off some steam or take a break from my main games. Where I would say I have about 5 months worth of competitive time.

your biggest achievements in gaming so far?
My biggest achievement in gaming is like I said was winning the ESL 8v8 finals and getting my self individual sponsors in my gaming career once from Dynacor and once for Gamers Gadgets / Sades South Africa.

Are you part of any committees or boards withing gaming leagues based in SA?
The only committee I’m part of is the Ballistix Masters. I use to be part of the VS Gaming Overwatch committee but had to free up some time for more competitive gaming. As I’m now the captain of the Bitmart Gaming CS:GO team.

Introducing the Shoutcasters

Christian ‘Spitzkop’ Dames
Battlefield 4
Casting Ballistix Masters matches since 2016 and have covered most of our events and finals. Well known personality and local shoutcaster. Will be at the event
MiloshTheMedic TBC – Battlefield 4
Jono ‘Jubba’ Simon
Dota 2
Has been casting for nearly 4 years covering all major tournaments hosted in South Africa, including the Ballistix Masters. Will be at the event