CS:GO Rules

MATCH DEADLINES – If you do not respond to your match thread (Lobby) at least 48 hours before your given deadline, you will forfeit your match.

Official Servers Cape Town based low ping 128 Tick

The server password is “BM1” through to “BM9”, depending on the number in the server name.
Ballistix Masters Server 01

Ballistix Masters Server 02
Ballistix Masters Server 03
Ballistix Masters Server 04
Ballistix Masters Server 05
Ballistix Masters Server 06
Ballistix Masters Server 07
Ballistix Masters Server 08
Ballistix Masters Server 09


RULE UPDATE 23-03-2018

  • The intentional use of any bugs, glitches or errors in the game is strictly forbidden.
  • It is up to the admins discretion whether or not the use of said bugs, glitches or errors had an effect on the match, and whether or not the admin will reward/deduct rounds, or to force a rematch.

This boost on Cobblestone will NOT be allowed to be used in  Ballistix Masters Matches

– you have to arrange your matches in the lobby at LEAST 24 hours before the deadline. We will monitor the lobby, if you fail to post a response or suggested time/ confirmation the morning of your deadline (12 hours to the deadline) you will FORFEIT due to not following the lobby rule. (howto arrange matches)
– Rosters are locked until the end of the leg (2 month roster locks at a time) and you can not make changes to your existing team.
-Cheating/hacking: if you have a VAC or PB ban that is less than 3 years old you will NOT be allowed to compete in the Ballistix Mastes. There are no special conditions, no negotiation. We have a zero tolerance policy towards cheating.

Before reading the rules below please make sure that you understand the following:

  • The terms and conditions herein, set out the rules and regulations which shall govern the 2018 Ballistix Masters online Cup. By entering this competition, all applicants and players accept and agree to abide by these terms and conditions.
  • Failure to abide by the rules set forth in this document may lead to penalties. It should be noted that it is the administration of the Ballistix Masters  has the last word and that decisions not specifically supported, or detailed within this rulebook, or in extreme cases, decision can be made to preserve fair play and sportsmanship.
  • Should you find conflicting rules or unclear information, it is your responsibility to contact the Ballistix Masters Admin for clarification before acting on the rules found within.
  • The Tournament Directors decisions are final and can even overrule the rules stated in all documents if deemed necessary. Tournament Directors have the authority to give out default losses for single games and matches. Tournament Directors can also ban a Player/Team from the tournament if deemed necessary.
  • Emergency rule changes might take place without any notice. Players are expected to keep up to date with the rule set at all times (It is the responsibility of the captain to make sure his players are up to date with the rules and fully understand them). Rules may be changed at any time without notification to teams and/or players.


  • 1. Format
  • 2. Map Elimination
  • 3. Map Pool
  • 4. Time-outs and Connection Issues
  • 5. Configuration / Startparameters
  • 6. Victory Conditions
  • 7. Bomb Planting
  • 8. Game Settings
  • 9. Unfair Advantages
  • 10. Colour depth
  • 11. Custom skins, sprites, crosshairs, etc​
  • 12. Console commands​
  • 13. Forbidden Scripts or Exploits or 3rd Party Apps​
  • 14. Bugs and Glitches​
  • 15. Warm-up Map Check
  • 16. New Positions
  • 17. Overtime
  • 18. Tactical Pauses​
  • 19. In-Game item’s nametag
  • 20. Fair Play Rule
  • 21. Recordings & Screenshots
  • 22. Results
  • 23. Servers
  • 24. Casting/Streams/Admins/Coaches

Game Specific Rules

  • 1. Format

    • 1.1. Online tournament – Group stages leading into double elimination
      • The Ballistix Masters will host an online tournament for a 2 month duration
      • Registered teams are divided into a total of 8 groups – round robin matches
      • The top two teams per group will qualify for the double elimination bracket
      • All matches consist of three maps(Best of Three- Bo3). The team who wins the majority of the three maps wins the match.
      • A draw is not possible, if teams draw a map (15 round wins each) they must play overtime. (Please see below for overtime rules)
      • A map consists of 30 rounds. 15 rounds per half. The match is won when one team holds the majority of the rounds attainable (16). A map draw occurs when each team holds half of the attainable rounds (15 rounds each).
      • Round difference will not be used to break ties (overtime must be played).
      • Any teams found to be ‘mutually agreeing’ to a loss; or starting a match and forfeiting exceptionally early will be penalised, and may be disqualified from the ladder.
      • Format breakdown:
        • Match format: Best of Three (BO3 – First team to win 2 out of the 3 matches wins)
        • Average Match Length: 2 to 3 hours
        • Overtime: Yes
        • Fielded players: 5vs5
        • Players per team: 5
        • Reserves per team: Recommended 1 to 4
        • Rosters will be locked for the entire tournament duration
  • 2. Map Elimination

    • Teams must join a server and perform a knife round on the map de_dust2. The winning team of the knife round will have the choice to veto the first map or chose sides on the first map. If the knife winner selects to veto the first map, they become team A in the example below.
    • Example of a Map Veto where Team A won the knife round and elected to veto the first map:
      • Team A Removes a map
      • Team B Removes a map
      • Team A Picks the first map
      • Team B Picks the second map
      • Team A Removes a map
      • Team B Removes a map
      • The remaining map is played third
    • Once the first map has been played the teams must perform another knife round on each subsequent map to determine which side to start as.
  • 3. Map Pool

    • de_inferno
    • de_nuke
    • de_overpass
    • de_cache
    • de_mirage
    • de_Train
    • de_cbble
  • 4. Time-outs and Connection Issues

    • 4.1 – Time-outs
      • If a Player is faced with a problem that is preventing him/her from continuing to play, he/she is allowed to use the pause function.
      • The Player must announce the reason for the pause before or directly after he/she has paused the match. If no reason is given, the opposing Team may un-pause the game and continue playing.
      • Pause may only be used at the start of a round during freeze time. Before a game is un-paused, the opposing team must be notified and given time to prepare.
      • The duration of this pause/time-out is five minutes only and allows enough time for the player to re-join the server.
      • Teams are only allowed one pause/time-out per game.
    • 4.2 – Connection Issues
      • Any team or player who intentionally disconnects from a game before the game is over will forfeit the map currently being played and be penalized accordingly.
      • 4.2.2 – Player Disconnections
        • If a player drops before the first kill in the first round of a half, then the half will be restarted.
        • If a player disconnects from the server after the first kill in the first round of the half, the game must continue until the round is complete. The clan captain must then pause the match during the freeze time in round 2 whilst the player is allowed to rejoin.
        • The player will have exactly 5 minutes to rejoin the server. If the player has not rejoined within 5 minutes, the match will continue without him. Each team is allowed one pause per match to be used if a player times out or disconnects unintentionally.
      • 4.2.3 – Server Crashes
        • If a match is interrupted by a server crash within the first three rounds of play, then the match should be restarted.
        • If a match is interrupted after the first three rounds of play the match should be continued from where it left off.
          • A) If a valid backup is available it will be used and the rounds will continue as is.
          • B) If a valid backup is not available the match should continue where it left off.
        • In the event of a server crash, players must reconnect within 10 minutes of the server restarting. Only the remaining rounds need to be completed. (i.e. you continue as you were the round before the server dropped).​
  • 5. Configuration / Startparameters

    • The following commands are forbidden:
      • mat_hdr_enabled
    • The following startparameters are forbidden:
      • +mat_hdr_enabled 0/1
      • +mat_hdr_leven 0/1/2
    • All other configuration changes are allowed as long as they do not give an unfair edge or advantage comparable to cheating.
  • 6. Victory Conditions

    • Best of Three
      • A match consists of up to three games.
      • A game is won once one Team has 16 of the possible 30 rounds. Draws are not possible and overtime must be played if Teams end the map tied(15-15).
      • A match is won when a team has won 2 of the 3 maps played.
  • 7. Bomb Planting

    • Undefusable Bomb Plants – It is illegal to plant the bomb in places where it is impossible to defuse.
    • Floating Bomb Plants – It is illegal to plant the bomb in a way that it is not touching a solid entity.
    • Silent Bomb Plants – It is illegal to plant a bomb in a location where it doesn’t make the regular “beeping” noise.
    • Covered Bomb Plants – It is illegal to use objects to cover a bomb where the opposing players cannot defuse.
    • Bomb Defusing – It is illegal to defuse a bomb through any solid object.
    • Unreachable Bomb Plants – It is illegal to plant the bomb where it is impossible to reach.
    • Planting the bomb in a place that you can reach with a boost from a teammate is not part of this rule.
  • 8. Game Settings

    • Grenade limitations & purchases per player
    • Flashbang: 2
    • HE Grenade: 1
    • Smoke Grenade: 1
    • Molotov and Incendiary Grenade: 1
    • Decoy Grenade: 1
    • Total grenades per player purchased per round: 4 (Players may use grenades which have been dropped by dead players.)
  • 9. Unfair Advantages

    • No third party (such as graphic driver) graphic settings may be changed which could give a player an unfair advantage. Settings which influence the transparency of smoke are strictly not allowed.
    • Third-Party software that change your graphics settings beyond their standard capabilities are not allowed. An example of such illegal software is the nVidiaInspector.
    • 3rd-party software (which may/may not be integrated into the game code) which bypasses the natural competitive mechanisms of the game.
    • No binds or macro’s which automate any form of gameplay are allowed.
    • Players are allowed to use custom HUDs as long as no information that is included in the default HUD is added or removed.
    • All players must have ambient occlusion set to default (off) in their video card’s settings. Additionally, LOD Bias must also be set to default. Players found in violation of this rule will be considered “cheating” and will face a one year suspension.
    • ALL players MUST use default sprites. If a player is found using ANY NON-STANDARD sprite during an official match, it will be considered a violation of the rules and may result in a loss and/or termination from the event.
    • The bomb can only be defused if the entire bomb is visible.
    • The bomb must not be planted in a position which requires more than one player to reach.
    • The bomb must not be planted in a position which requires a special type of jump (such as a strafe jump) to reach.
    • The Ballistix Masters reserves the right to overturn three rounds if a team is found to have made use of an unfair map or game mechanic (such as an exploit) to prevent their opponents from defusing the bomb. A good example would be planting the bomb in the pond on Inferno in Counter-Strike Source, where a bug prevented it from being defused.
    • The use of A3D (2.0) or any program, driver or interface that simulates A3D (2.0) is strictly forbidden.
    • It is forbidden to use all kinds of overlays which will show the usage rate of the system in any way in-game (e.g. Nvidia SLI display, Rivatuner Overlay). Overlays which will show only the frames per second (FPS) are not forbidden and can be used.
  • 10. Colour depth

    • ​Every Player must play with the highest colour setting in Counter-Strike (32 bit); if the Player is playing in windowed mode then the desktop must also be on 32bit setting.
  • 11. Custom skins, sprites, crosshairs, etc​

    • Players are not allowed to make use of custom skins, sprites, crosshairs, scoreboards, only the official models are allowed. The use of the aforementioned is strictly forbidden.
    • If a Player plays with custom files, then this will be penalized with a default loss.
    • Only Steam skins are allowed to be changed.
  • 12. Console commands​

    • The only settings players may change are those within the in-game menu. Exceptions will be made for: (If you are wanting to use any other console command you must check it with the admin that is in the booth with you)
      • net_graph
      • sensitivity
      • Record
      • Crosshair Sizing
      • Left/Right hand gun changing
      • Volume
      • rate
      • cl_cmdrate
      • cl_updaterate
      • cl_interp
      • cl_interp_ratio
  • 13. Forbidden Scripts or Exploits or 3rd Party Apps​

    • No binds, macro’s or scripts which automate any form of gameplay are allowed.
      • The only exception to this rule is buy-scripts, toggle & demo scripts.
    • No bind scripts (bind with more than one function) are allowed.
    • No binds may execute files or configs.
    • The “wait” or “VSTR” commands may not be used at all.
    • No software, hardware or drivers may be used to run a script or automate any function or macro.
    • Here is a short list of scripts that are illegal:
      • Stop shoot scripts [Use or AWP scripts] are allowed
      • Center view scripts
      • Turn scripts [180° or similar]
      • No recoil scripts
      • Burst fire scripts
      • Rate changers (Lag scripts)
      • FPS scripts
      • Anti flash scripts or binding (snd_* bindings)
      • Bunnyhop scripts
      • Stop sound scripts
      • Jumpthrow scripts
    • If Teams are not sure if a script they are using is illegal or not, they should contact the administrative team before it is used in an official match.
    • Players may be penalized for the use of forbidden scripts.
    • Players may be penalized for even having forbidden scripts within their config files regardless of if it is in use or not.
    • If three or more Players have wrong settings the Team will get a default loss.
    • Admins may under special circumstances decide on a default loss, even if less than three Players have forbidden scripts.
  • 14. Bugs and Glitches​

    • The intentional use of any bugs, glitches or errors in the game is strictly forbidden.
    • It is up to the admins discretion whether or not the use of said bugs, glitches or errors had an effect on the match, and whether or not the admin will reward/deduct rounds, or to force a rematch.
    • In extreme cases the penalty for using a bug/glitch/error could results in higher penalties
    • Moving through any walls/ceilings/floors or anywhere that is not intended for you to be able to do so is strictly forbidden.
    • Boosting on a teammate is generally allowed unless the boost allows a player to peek over a wall/ceiling that should not be allowed according to map design.
    • Using flash bugs are strictly forbidden
    • Throwing grenades under walls are forbidden.
    • “Map swimming or “Floating” is forbidden.
    • “Pixel walking” is forbidden. (Sitting or standing on invisible edges on the map).
    • So called “surfing” on tubes is allowed.
    • So called “fireboost” is allowed
  • 15. Warm-up Map Check

    • Once the map has been loaded up Teams are required to check for any bugs (missing boxes, ladders and so on) before the start of the match.
    • Failing to check the map for bugs and starting the match means that both Teams have accepted the state the map is in and gameplay will be continued with these settings.
    • Disputes raised in this regard will be ignored.
  • 16. New Positions

    • ​If any player or team wants to use a new position which is unknown to anyone else or just known to a small part of the community, it’s strongly recommended to contact tournament officials to check if that position is allowed before using it in any official match. Players and teams have to consider that it takes time to check new positions and therefore they have to contact tournament officials in a reasonable timeframe before an official match.
  • 17. Overtime

    • ​In the event of a tie, overtime will be used. Overtime consists of two, three round halves (best of 6 rounds). The starting cash is $10000. If the score is still tied after the first overtime, an additional overtime will be played. This process will be repeated until one team wins.
    • No knife round is needed. At the end of the second half teams must swap sides. If you were T in the second half you will start overtime as CT.
  • 18. Tactical Pauses​

    • Each team is allowed a single (1) 120 second tactical time-out per half.
    • The tactical time-out must occur during the freeze time only.
    • Do not abuse this. You will be given a single warning. Repeat offenders will lose the right to use tactical time-outs.
  • 19. In-Game item’s nametag

    • Players are not allowed to use nametags on in-game items which violate the Code of Conduct. If a Player uses such a nametag during an official match the Team will receive three (3) minor penalties for each match.
  • 20. Fair Play Rule

    • The players are expected to play by their full capacity at all times. Losing on purpose won’t be tolerated and will result in a disqualification. This is up to the Head Admin to decide. This is a professional tournament and all players are expected to act like such.
  • 21. Recordings & Screenshots

    • Both teams are required to take screenshots
    • It is required that every player records their matches or saves the replay of all of their  matches.
    • Screenshots of both teams line-ups and the scores must be taken. (it is recommended that everyone on take these screenshots)
    • Screenshots of the end scores for each match must be uploaded to the Ballistix Masters / toornament site by each Team. Failure to do so will results in penalties.
    • Ballistix Masters will perform random spot checks, randomly asking teams for their recordings and screenshots.
  • 22. Results

    • Both team captains must post the result on the match thread, as well as a screenshot of the end-game score of all games. Failure to do so will results in penalties, more information on the penalties are listed in the General League Rules. Screenshots must be posted within 24 hours of the match.
  • 23. Servers

    • Third party servers may be used if both teams agree to it. The Ballistix Masters has 9 official servers on standby if any of the teams need to use it for their matches. Only join the third party server if you agree to use it. Do not join the third party server if you do not agree to use it. If no third party server agreement is made between the two teams then the match will be played on the Ballistix provided servers. By playing on a third party server, your team loses the right to dispute any server related issue, such as downtime, log-snooping and incorrect settings. Use third party servers at your own risk. No extensions or assistance will be provided to teams who have to reschedule due to an issue caused by the use of a third party server. On third party servers GOTV must be enabled and accessible at all times by any spectator without issue.
    • The Ballistix Masters servers are used on a first come first serve basis.
    • The server password is “BM1” through to “BM9”, depending on the number in the server name.
    • Server IPs
      • Ballistix Masters Server 01
        Ballistix Masters Server 02
        Ballistix Masters Server 03
        Ballistix Masters Server 04
        Ballistix Masters Server 05
        Ballistix Masters Server 06
        Ballistix Masters Server 07
        Ballistix Masters Server 08
        Ballistix Masters Server 09
  • 24. Casting/Streams/Admins/Coaches

    • Only Ballistix Masters pre-approved official administrators and streamers may join the game as broadcasters or spectators. Streamers may bring a co-caster to cast with them, provided that caster is not explicitly banned from casting matches.
    • If an official caster requests a password for a lobby, neither team may refuse to give it to them. Some casts might request an interview with players before or after the game, players are well within their rights to refuse to do an interview if they wish.
    • Coaches are not allowed to be used in Official matches. Coaches are not allowed to join the game. The only people that are allowed to join the game are:
      • The 5 Players from Team A
      • The 5 Players from Team B
      • Official Casters/Streams/Admins