Dota Rules

– you have to arrange your matches in the lobby at LEAST 24 hours before the deadline. We will monitor the lobby, if you fail to post a response or suggested time/ confirmation the morning of your deadline (12 hours to the deadline) you will FORFEIT due to not following the lobby rule. (howto arrange matches)
– Rosters are locked until the end of the leg (2 month roster locks at a time) and you can not make changes to your existing team.
-Cheating/hacking: if you have a VAC or PB ban that is less than 3 years old you will NOT be allowed to compete in the Ballistix Mastes. There are no special conditions, no negotiation. We have a zero tolerance policy towards cheating.

Upper Bracket Best of Three(Bo3)
Lower Bracket Final Best of Three(Bo3)
Grand Finals Best of Five(Bo5) with the team from the Upper Bracket having a one game advantage.


Before reading the rules below please make sure that you understand the following:

Standard Balistix Masters rules apply

Remember that when you view your group, those are the DEADLINE dates. meaning the match can be played before that date, but not after. The time posted is the DEFAULT time, this means, if the 2 teams can not agree to a specific time, then the match will default to the time posted. If the team then fails to pitch on the default time, they will forfeit the match.

Should you find conflicting rules or unclear information, it is your responsibility to contact the administrators for clarification before acting on the rules found within.

The Head Admins decisions are final and can even overrule the rules stated in all documents if deemed necessary. Head Admins have the authority to give out default losses for single games and matches. Head Admins can also ban a player from the tournament if deemed necessary.

Players are expected to keep up to date with the rule set at all times (It is the responsibility of the captain to make sure his players are up to date with the rules and fully understand them).

 Please make certain that you have read the General Rules.


Section 1 – General Dota2 rules

  • 1.1 – Scoring and Format
  • 1.2 – Clan Distribution
  • 1.3 – Rosters
  • 1.4 – Scheduling
  • 1.5 – Results
  • 1.6 – Dropouts
  • 1.7 – Casting/Streams/Admin
  • 1.8 – Disconnections
  • 1.9 – Disputes
  • 1.10 – Fair Play Rule
  • 1.11 – Relegation/Promotion

Section 2 – Match specific rules

  • 2.1 – Game Rules
  • 2.2 – Victory Conditions
  • 2.3 – Servers
  • 2.4 – Cheats and Bug Exploits
  • 2.5 – Item Restrictions and Sharing
  • 2.6 – Side Selection
  • 2.7 – Creep Blocking
  • 2.8 – Pauses




Section 1 – General Dota 2 rules

1.1 – Scoring and Format

  • The main part of the cup will be run over the course of five weeks. Spots within the cup are filled randomly.
  • Teams will play a best of 3 round robin format
  • Any teams found to be ‘mutually agreeing’ to a loss; or starting a match and forfeiting exceptionally early to try get a participation point will be penalised, and may be disqualified from the cup.

1.2 – Clan distribution

  • Teams will be distributed randomly by an automated system on “”

1.3 – Rosters

  • Team rosters are locked from the close of registrations until the end of each leg (each leg has a 2 month duration).
  • Teams will be able to add/remove players during registration period and at the end of each leg.
  • The maximum roster size is 9, the minimum roster size is 5.
  • There are no limitations on international players but you will be responsible for the travel cost to get the international player to the LAN event.
  • If a team is unable to field a team for a match, they may play the match a man down (i.e. 4v5), but not more than one man down.

1.4 – Scheduling

  • Toonament  allows you to message on the site direcly please view the “how to arrange matches” page for more information. If you are unsure, you may use the Ballistix Masters – Dota 2 facebook page to arrange and agree on a match times.
  • If teams fail to agree on a time by the Friday of a match week, both teams should inform admins that they have been unable to schedule a match, and should expect to play at one of the default times (First default time – Sunday 8.00pm / Second default time – Sunday 5.00pm).
  • If teams agree on a time, that time is binding. If a team fails to arrive for their scheduled time, they are automatically given a match loss. Extenuating circumstances may lead to a postponement, but this is at the discretion of the admins, and should not be expected.
  • Any team which is not in the lobby and fully ready to start fifteen minutes after the scheduled match time will automatically be given a forfeit. In the case both teams are not ready to start fifteen minutes after the scheduled time; the match shall be automatically rescheduled for the default times.
  • If only one of the teams fails to arrive for a scheduled match, teams may mutually agree to try reschedule the game, but no later than the match cut off date

1.5 – Results

  • Both team captains must post the result on the toornament website, as well as a screenshoot of the end-game score of all games (hold as a record in case proof is needed). Screenshots will only be requested in case of a result dispute. Please view “how to submit scores” on the ballistx masters website if you need additional info

1.6 – Dropouts

  • A team that drops out of the (main part of the) cup mid-way will result in all their matches being removed from the cup.

1.7 – Casting/Streams/Admins

  • Only official administrators and streamers may join the game as broadcasters or spectators. Streamers may bring a co-caster to cast with them, provided that caster is approved by the administrators. Players may not stream a game they themselves are playing in.
  • If an official caster requests a password for a lobby, neither team may refuse to give it to them. Some casts might request an interview with players before or after the game, players are well within their rights to refuse to do an interview if they wish.

1.8 – Disconnections

  • It is the team’s responsibility to pause should their player disconnect. (Please read section “2.8 Pauses” in regards on how to handle a pause)
  • If the match has been going for less than 5 minutes and a player disconnects and is unable to rejoin, then the game should be restarted.
  • In the event of a remake, players must play the same heroes, buy the same initial items, pick the same spells, and go to the same lanes as they did in the prior game. Players may change lanes once the creeps in their initial lanes meet. If a team employed a strategy (such as a level 1 Roshan) that is heavily dependant on the surprise factor of the draft in the opening minutes of the game, and a player legitimately dropped during this stage; an admin may allow re-match (of that individual game).

1.9 – Disputes

  • Disputes must be lodged within 24 hours of the incident and the ONLY channel to lodge a dispute is by contacting the Dota2 Admin. Contacting an admin from another title (battlefield) directly should be considered by players and teams as advice only.
  • Matches may only be played by players listed on the approved team roster and linked steam accounts.
  • Recordings, screenshots and match information must be included when submitting a dispute!

1.10 – Fair Play Rule

  • The players are expected to play by their full capacity at all times. Losing on purpose won’t be tolerated and will result in a disqualification. This is up to the Head Admin to decide. This is a professional tournament and all players are expected to act like such .




Section 2 – Match Specific Rules

2.1 – Game Rules

  • Game Mode: Captains Mode
  • Server : See “Servers” section.
  • Game Type: Tournament (you may not use any other version!)
  • Fill Empty Slots With Bots: No
  • Enable Cheats: No

2.2 – Victory Conditions

A game is finished when:

  • An Ancient Fortress is destroyed.
  • A team forfeits.The majority of a team leaves on purpose.
  • An admin decides the match is over.

2.3 – Servers

  • In matches which consist of three games, each team is allowed to select the server for one of the  first two games. For instance, Team A could select EU for game1, while Team B could select RSA for game2. If a 3rd game is played it must be played on a RSA server. Both teams may select the same server and play both games on the selected server if mutually agreed upon.
  • In matches which consist of three games (Bo3):
  • Local teams(teams with no international player/s in the current match): Matches must be played on the RSA servers.
  • International teams(or local teams that have international players in their teams lineup): Each team is allowed to select the server for one of the  first two games. For instance, Team A could select EU for game1, while Team B could select RSA for game2. If a 3rd game is played it must be played on a RSA server. Both teams may select the same server and play both games on the selected server if mutually agreed upon.
  • In “Best of 1” type matches, the RSA server is the default server. Teams may play on another server if they both agree to it.
  • If teams mutually agree to use a different server other than what is stated above, they must post on the match thread that they have both agreed to it.

2.4 – Cheats and Bug Exploits

  • Crucial Cup reserves the right to investigate incidents in which teams have been accused of exploiting a bug which is considered to be an unintended mechanic. The head admin can issue any form of punishment it sees fit for the situation at hand.
  • Please contact THE DOTA 2 admin for clarification before using a suspected exploit or bug during your match.
  • Cheating is not permitted in any way, shape or form.
  • No third party scripts/programs which interact directly or indirectly with the game are permitted. This includes AutoHotkey, cheat applications and any player-created applications. This does not include Mumble (which may overlay an interface of who is in your mumble channel talking), nor any other chat application.

2.5 – Item Restrictions & Sharing

  • There are no item restrictions. Players may share items as far as the game permits.

2.6 – Side Selection

  • 2.6.1) The team that has all of its players in the lobby first will have first pick of map side(Dire/Radiant) in game one. Teams must swap sides for game 2 as well as game 3.

### If Team A has all 5 team members in the lobby first and picks to start on the Radiant side, they will swap over to Dire side for game two and back to Radiant for game 3(if needed)###

  • 2.6.2) If a team wishes to play either Dire or Radiant for both games they must come to a mutual agreement between themselves. This is not obligatory and teams can refuse to do so.

### We will leave 2.6.2 completely in the hands of the players. Mutual agreements must be confirmed by both captains in the comment section of the respective match If no mutual agreement is made or rules 2.6.2 is refused by an opposing team revert back to 2.6.1.

### Do not bother us with any disputes on this matter as they will be ignored ###

2.7 – Creep Blocking

  • Teams may not intentionally block a lane for an extended period of time. (example: Using Chen creeps to clock a lane is forbidden)

2.8 – Pauses

  • Player needs to announce a pause at least 5 seconds in advance stating a reasonable justification (except for disconnects).
  • A pause may last at most five minutes. This may be overwritten should both teams agree to it (no dispute may be lodged regarding pausing once both teams have agreed to extend the pause). – Updated 03 March 2014

### It is suggested that you take a screenshot of the team agreeing to pause longer than 5min ###



Ballistix Masters reserves the right to modify any and all rulesets without notifying the contestants