LAN information and FAQ’s

When does the LAN actually start?
It starts on Thursday 12 July, doors open at 11am and the first match takes place at 5pm. See the schedule below

Will there be another transfer window?
No, once you have registered your team for the championships, you are no longer allowed to make any changes to your team. You are also not allowed to change players during the event.

When do registrations for the Championships close?
28 June at 10pm

Do I need my own PC?
YES you need to bring all your hardware and peripherals with you and have a red plug on all your plug points, each player will be allowed 2 electrical outlets 

Will you reserve seats for each team?
YES and the seats are already paid for by Ballistix, you do not need to worry about where you are sitting, or paying for entry.

Will spectators be allowed in to support our teams?
Yes, spectators are allowed to attend, they will have to purchase a weekend spectator pass at the LANX reception for R20

How will the servers work?
You will play all your matches exactly how you have been, on your own private servers during the event.

Am I allowed to use my phone as a router?
You are competing against other teams for a large sum of money, the point of the LAN is to have every single player on the same network. an even playing field at all times, no one may have an advantage or disadvantage by using their phones or LTE devices, if you are caught using it, your entire team will be penalized 

This form needs to be printed and filled in by each individual player competing at the championships. The form will be handed in when you sign on on the Thursday with a copy of your ID

LAN Schedule

Thursday 12 July
10:30AM = Doors open
11AM – 3PM = Set up, lunch & photographs
3:30PM = Dota Captains meeting
4:15PM = Battlefield Captains meeting
5PM = Group Stages Round 1
8PM = Group Stages Round 2

Friday 13 July
8:30AM = Doors open
10am = Group Stages Round 3
12PM = Lunch & photographs
1PM = Group Stages Round 4
4PM = Group Stages Round 5
7PM = Admin to do seeding of the double elim brackets – Dinner
8PM = Double Elimination Bracket Round 1

Saturday 14 July
8:30AM = Doors open
10AM = WB  Round 2 & LB Round 1
1PM = LB Round 2 – Lunch
4PM = LB round 3 (LB Semi Final)
4PM = LB Round 4 (Match for 5th and 6th place)
5PM = WB Round 3 (WB Final)
8PM = LB Round 5 (LB Final)

Sunday 15 July
8:30AM = Doors open
9:30AM = Grand Final (Best of 5 – WB unbeaten team has 1 map advantage)
1:30PM = Prize Giving & photographs
3:30PM = Pack up


1st place: R25 000

2nd place: R15 000

3rd place: R10 000

4th place: R5 000

5th place: R3 000

6th place: R2 000

Seeding procedure 

LAN Rules

We expect you to behave like a professional, no fighting or excessive swearing will be tolerated at the event.
The event is run on a tight schedule and there will be no extensions for people running late

Your normal title rules apply to the event, see the rules page